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2014 Silage Trials Complete

Stephanie Hollifield, Becky Shirley

A month ago we harvested corn silage trials which are planted each year in Brooks County. Here is Cook County Intern Jordan Williams, Fort Valley Agent Josh Dawson (Lowndes), Brooks County Agent Stephanie Holliefield, Brooks County Intern Becky Shirley pictured after the trial harvest was complete on August 7th. Stephanie, Becky and Josh worked in the field as they were cutting. I was collecting tonnage weights, and Jordan was in the pit taking individual silage samples which were sent to Ithaca, NY to test the dairy production. The trial was planted May 6th this year. There were over 20 varieties tested replicated three times. Data was collected on overall tonnage and milk producing capabilities of each variety. Below are the rankings from the trial:


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