Sydni Ingram
Thomas County, Georgia

Bio: I'm the Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Agent in Thomas County. This blog is to provide updates on agriculture in the county for farmers and local agribusiness.

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2 responses to “About

  1. Sandy Bermudes

    Hi there. About 2 months ago I ran into a live, brown, stink bug inside my 4rth floor’s brand new apartment in Frisco, Texas right by my patio door. I emailed Texas A&M about it. I received emails asking for more info and even received a phone call from a gentleman asking if he could come by the complex to look around. I’m not sure if he did come by but I did tell him when he called that I was out of town at the time. He Asked if I’d saved the specimen. Told him no but that if I happen to see another one, that I would let him know and that I’d save it next time. It’s been 3 weeks since he called. I CANNOT find any of the emails to get in touch with him again or a phone number to let him know that I have found another one! This time, it was outside my front door! its bright green but was dead. I saved it and I’m just letting you know about this.

  2. Rick Wilson

    I am interested in speaking to someone
    About our pecan orchard outside
    Bar wick. Monday 30 Nov would be best. I am also available Friday 27 November. My phone # is 478-397-7900

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