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Grazing Conference & Dairy Tours A Success


UGA Extension Forage Specialist Dr. Dennis Hancock and UGA Dairy Specialist Dr. Jillian Fain did a great job with the Mid-Atlantic Dairy Grazing Conference. The conference featured dairy tours which brought around 80 participants through Brooks and Thomas County. The tours were followed by a program at the Expo. Participants from Idaho, New Mexico, New York, Wisconsin, Michigan, and all across the Southeast came through the county on November 12th. The tours began at Brook Co Dairy outside of Quitman, then proceeded to Jumping Gully in Pavo. They stopped for lunch in Thomasville then visited Sweet Grass Dairy on their way out. Here are some of the photos above and below:



Additionally, the Progressive Forage Grower Magazine did an article on the program called New Directions for Grazing Dairies: Using Silage as a Supplement, which features photos from Sweet Grass Dairy and Dr. Hancock’s “dirty underwear” demonstration which illustrates the effects of organic matter in the soil.

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