Temperature & Rainfall Expectations

What should we expect for the next three months? UGA Extension Climatologist Pam Knox has this update:

This has been a beautiful summer, with seasonal temperatures and even some cooler conditions as a couple of cold fronts have passed through the area. Rainfall in most areas has been plentiful, but the high pressure center which has dominated the Southeast recently has meant some fields need rain or are drinking up irrigation.

The current weather pattern – which is causing record high temperatures on the West Coast – is expected to continue for at least the next few weeks. That means seasonal temperatures and more frequent but spotty showers are expected to continue, leading to hit-or-miss conditions in fields across the Southeast. We are also watching the tropics heat up, and with above-normal sea surface temperatures and neutral ENSO conditions, I expect to see more tropical storms forming in the next few weeks as we approach the heart of the season. Of course we can’t predict where those storms will go, so there is no counting on tropical rainfall to help provide water. Temperatures are likely to go back to warmer conditions after mid-August.

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