Pond “UFO”?

We were looking at some pond weeds this week and saw an Unidentified “Floating” Object. Well, it wasn’t exactly floating. But it looked like Jell-O sitting on the bottom. We picked it up and set it on the ground. It’s texture was like a jellyfish. We cut it into also.

It turned out to be an invertebrate animal referred to as ‘Bryozoan colonies.’ UGA Extension Aquatic Scientist Dr. Gary Burtle says Bryozoans live in relatively clean water. Does it have any relation to fishing? Dr. Burtle says:

They may indicate that the bream population of this pond is not very abundant. Ask about fishing success and if bream are caught.  Sometimes, in a bass overcrowded pond, the bream population is so low that these invertebrates can thrive.

Bryozoan invertebrate from a pond

Bryozoan cut in half

You may have seen these before. This is one of those, ‘you learn something knew everyday.’ The Smithsonian Marine Station has more information.

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