Treat Pond Weeds

We are getting closer to water temperatures being 70 degrees which is when we start treating for pond weeds. We had a huge turnout at this year’s pond meeting in which UGA Aquatic Specialist Dr. Burtle provided us an update on fertilizing, liming, and treating weeds. A big thanks to Alan Dennard and Ken McKinnis sponsoring the meal for us as well.

Last week, I looked at my first pond of the season. This pond is completely covered with naiad, which is a submerged weed. There is not much algae and some alligator weed. We have to get weed control started soon before it becomes impossible. Diquat is commonly used for submerged weeds and is a contact herbicide. Dr. Burtle talked about different herbicides and how they behave different in the water. Sonar, which is more expensive, provides longer weed control since it stays active through the year. So there are benefits to using different compounds.

In either case, we have to ID the weed and select the correct herbicide for control. Here is a slide Dr. Burtle shared of relative cost of aquatic herbicides that may be helpful as we begin our season.

UGA Extension Scientist Dr. Gary Burtle talks about water sampling

Allen and Andrea Poppell cooked a great catfish dinner. Loved seeing the fish in the boat.


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