Plant Bugs


Tarnished Plant Bugs

We will now begin scouting for tarnished plant bugs. TPB have piecing/sucking mouthparts (like stinkbugs). Adults have a yellowish triangle behind the thorax with 5 distinct black dots. We want to retain 80% of our squares. Sometimes, less retention can occur even when plant bugs are not present. We need to monitor both square retention and plant bugs. Plant bugs are mobile and can move in and out of fields fast. They can be present and not causing square loss. Here is a threshold from UGA Extension Entomologist Dr. Phillip Roberts:


Adult Plant Bug - Photo by Jenna Brock

Adult Plant Bug – Photo by Jenna Brock

Plant Bug Nymph

Plant Bug Nymph

At cotton scout school this week, Dr. Roberts showed us plant bugs and other insects he is seeing at this time. Colquitt Ag Agent Jenna Brock is seeing some and also some reported by Jodie Stringer down here. I ran a sweep net through one field, and did not see any plants bugs. In a field where I looked, I did find a bigeyed bug. These are not problem insects. They actually feed on small caterpillars and eggs. Minute pirate bugs look somewhat similar and are beneficial also.

Bigeyed Bug

Bigeyed Bug



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