Peanut Herbicide Tips

We’ve been talking more about peanut weed control this week with different field situations. One especially on making our own Storm out of Ultra Blazer & Basagran. UGA Extension Weed Scientist Dr. Eric Prostko answers this and more with an update on peanut herbicide tips:

  1. Can we mix orthene with our cracking treatments? Generally, there should be no major problems mixing Orthene (acephate) with paraquat cracking treatments (Peanut Science 2014 41:58-64).
  2. What rates of Basagran + Ultra Blazer are used to make Storm? UPI is in a sold out position for Storm 4SL herbicide. However, Storm is in UPI’s production schedule for next year. No worries though since growers can make their own Storm if need be. 1.5 pt/A of Storm would be equivalent to 1 pt/A of Ultra Blazer 2SL + 1 pt/A of Basagran 4SL. FYI, when making your own Storm cocktail for mixing with paraquat, I prefer 1 pt/A of Ultra Blazer + 0.5 pt/A of Basagran. 0.5 pt/A of Basagran still helps “safen” the peanuts but this new ratio will be slightly more active on the weeds.
  3. What issues will we see with Valor injury on peanuts? Guess what? When it rains on peanuts that were treated with Valor, especially at cracking, you get crop injury. It happens all the time, regardless if they were irrigated immediately after application or not. Unless something funky has happened (i.e. sprayer problems, excessive rates, misapplication, etc.), research results and on-farm experiences since 2001 would suggest that is very likely that the peanut plants will recover from Valor injury with no yield loss.

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