Pre-Plant Burndown Options & Plant Back Restrictions For Peanuts

We’ve all been getting some questions about pre-plant burndown options for peanuts. Dooly County Ag Agent Ronnie Barentine and UGA Extension Peanut Weed Scientist Dr. Eric Prostko put together a few thoughts for us consider:

1)    Primary burndown herbicides will either be glyphosate or paraquat.  As we get closer to planting, paraquat might be preferred if a quicker burndown is needed.

2) Potential tank-mix partners with either of the above herbicides include the following:

  • 2,4-D (16 oz/A) – will help improve the control of wild radish and primrose.  Plant-back restriction for peanut based upon UGA research is 7 days.
  • FirstShot (0.5-0.8 oz/A) – will also help improve the control of radish and primrose. This may also be useful in fields where off-target movement of 2,4-D is a concern. Peanut plant-back restriction for FirstShot is 30 days.
  • Aim or ET (1-2 oz/A) – either one of these herbicides can be useful in preplant burndown situations where annual morningglory plants (except smallflower) have already emerged. Aim can be applied anytime preplant up until 24 hours after planting. ET can be applied anytime pre-plant but before peanut emergence.

3) Growers who want to get early residual control of pigweed – especially when there is a potential long delay between application and planting – may want to include Dual Magnum (16 oz/A), Warrant (48 oz/A) or Valor (2 oz/A) in the burndown.  If Valor is used in the pre-plant burndown at least 30 DBP, an additional 2 oz/A can be used PRE after planting. Valor will also help improve the POST control of radish and primrose (+10-15%).  I must admit that I would prefer either Dual or Warrant for residual control in this situation to help protect Valor from potential resistance issues.  There are no peanut plant-back restrictions for Dual or Warrant.

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