Pond Weeds – Common Salvinia

Common Salvinia (2)

With temperatures in the 70s and above, we need to think about treating pond weeds now. It is recommended to begin with chemical treatment and follow by biological control – stocking grass carp.

There are two salvinia’s we have. One is called Giant Salvinia. With giant salvinia, the leaf hairs are joined together (in fresh samples). The salvinia pictured here is Common Salvinia (Salvinia minima).

Common salvinia

Common salvinia

This is more of a recent invader, also called floating fern. It spreads very fast.

The leaves smaller than a man’s thumbnail indicate Common Salvinia. In salvinia species, the leaves are more round with a distinct midbrib. They will have a cupped appearance.

UGA Extension Aquatic Specialist Dr. Gary Burtle says Common Salvinia responds to contact herbicides like diquat and Cutrine-Plus. However, areas up stream and downstream from the pond usually reseed the pond so that a maintenance plan should be developed. Grass carp will help control salvinia once it has been burned back.

For more information, visit this link on Common Salvinia.

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