Australian Report – Peanut Planting Time

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Our weather is warmer than normal but we aren’t planting peanuts like they are in Australia, although it feels like we could.

I have an Australian fellow agronomist friend, Neil Halpin, who does research concerning peanuts and other crops. It’s funny that emails from there are often dated tomorrow’s date. Even right now it’s 9:19 in the morning here on Dec 14th, in his town of Bundaberg it’s already tomorrow, 12:19 am, Dec 15th.

He visited us here several years ago. He was kind enough to send us this report concerning what’s happening there at planting time down under.

“The Coastal Burnett cropping area is located around the towns of Bundaberg, Childers and Maryborough in Queensland Australia. The cropping is dominated by sugarcane. We have around 47,450ha (117,201 acres) of sugarcane. We also have about 5,800 ha of macadamia trees and about 1,000 ha of avocado trees as well in…

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