Cotton & Peanut Harvest Under Way

We’ve been digging peanuts for a few weeks in Thomas County now. However, more and more are coming out of the ground each week. We were looking at 130-140 days, and now the same profiles are moving past 140 days. Some fields have been dry and difficult to invert. There’s been some rain on some of the crop since we started digging. Rain has been in spots and is causing some issues with growers now. Other places in the county are having more ideal harvest conditions. Here is a six row digger in Ochlocknee.

Peanut&CottonPicking 012

At this time, we also need to watch for dryland peanuts getting stressed and turning loose in the hull. I’ve checked many more profiles this week and starting to see a higher percentage of kernels turn loose. Here is Brandon Hickey checking some peanuts just after digging.

Peanut&CottonPicking 007Peanut&CottonPicking 008



I’ve also been asked about any cotton picking starting.  East of Coolidge we have some cotton being picked this week. This is some of the first I saw defoliated and is dryland where we cutout sooner.

Peanut&CottonPicking 014

Some reports of grades coming in from dryland fields are good. Other reports say grades took a small downturn this week. Still have a ways to go.

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