Soybean Stink Bugs

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Immature Redbanded Stinkbug

Immature Redbanded Stinkbug

We are now looking at stink bugs in soybeans. I’m seeing green and southern green, but brown stinkbugs can also be an issue. There are two thresholds we distinguish: Early and late reproductive growth stage. The best way to check is take a sweep net and sweep 25 times. I’m seeing lots of immature stink bugs. Here is a Redbanded stink bug Dr. Roberts helped me identify. These are seen here but mostly a problem in Louisiana and Mid-South states.


  • Bloom to Mid Pod-Fill: 3 stink bugs in 25 sweeps OR 0.33 stink bugs per 1 foot row.
  • After Mid Pod-Fill: 6 stink bugs in 25 sweeps OR 1 stink bug per 1 foot row.

The separating line for threshold is going to be drawn around R4 & R5. R4 is when ponds begin to elongate. At R5 or beginning seed, you can feel the seed in the pod. Here is a chart of soybean reproductive growth stages:


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