Wet Winter Predicted

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 Just back from the 2015 Southern Climate Consortium Working Group Meeting and the biggest news of the day was that all signs point to a SIGNIFICANT El Nino event for the southeastern US this fall and winter. 

Here’s part of the group on a field trip to Jud Greene’s farm. He’s showing some of his new Ga 13M peanuts.


 Here are take-away points.

A.  There is a high probability that we will be cooler and wetter this fall and winter.

B.  We could start to see more “wet” as early as next month. Especially November through March.

C.  Growers should NOT delay harvest as wet weather later may keep them out of the fields entirely.

D.  Growers should not delay establishing cover crops.

E.  Growers should be aware that early corn planting next year might be affected.

F.  Could be tough to put out Telone II in the…

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