Soybean Caterpillars

SoybeanLoopers 001

Soybeans are reaching reproductive growth stage. It is now time to be scouting for caterpillars. We are looking for velvetbean caterpillars, green cloverworms, and soybean loopers.

  • The velvetbean caterpillar has 4 pair of abdominal prolegs. This one will wiggle when touched and usually fall to the ground.
  • The green cloverworm has 3 pair of abdominal prolegs.
  • The soybean looper has 2 pair of abdominal prolegs. We need to check fields since not all insecticides target the same worm.

Soybean Looper

Soybean Looper

Soybean Looper

This field has been sprayed with Dimlin, which has been a UGA recommendation to spray as preventative at R2. However, I was still seeing 1 inch soybean loopers. This is because Loopers are not controlled by Dimlin as the other two caterpillars. This field is still under threshold nonetheless. We can also look at leaf damamge. Following flowering, leaf damage exceeding 15% needs to be treated. Below is a guide for scouting soybean caterpillars from UGA Extension Entomologst Dr. Phillip Roberts:

Foliage Feeder Thresholds Soybeans

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