Gray Leaf Spot On Pearl Millet


Gray leaf spot

Gray leaf spot

Here is a field of Leafy 22 Pearl millet used for grazing. Pearl millet is also used for hay and silage. We need to have 20 – 24 inches in height before cows start grazing. However, leaf spots showed up this past week. The spots are more pronounced in certain areas of the field, but mostly all leaves are covered in spots. The spots turned out to be Pyricularia Leaf Spot or Gray Leaf Spot. This is caused by the fungus Pyricularia grisea. This is a very common and important disease of Pearl millet. I have seen Pyricularia before on Pearl millet. UGA Extension Grain Pathologist Dr. Alfredo Martinez says newer dwarf varieties may have some resistance to Pyricularia. Usually fungicide applications are not recommended for pearl millet. Below is some more information on Pearl millet.

Diseases of Pearl Millet

Georgia Forages: Pearl Millet

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