Peanut Weed Control Considerations

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We are at or past the 30 day mark with most of our peanuts. Peanuts in many fields are flowering at this time. Many growers are spraying for weeds. About tank mixing, UGA Extension Weed Scientist Dr. Eric Prostko has some of these precautions:

  • Cadre + POST Grass Herbicide – This has shown to reduce grass control by 19%
  • 2,4-DB + POST Grass Herbicice – This has shown to reduce grass control 8-15% about 45% of the time. Some may can take this risk, but most probably not.
  • POST Herbicides + Fungicides – Studies with Dual Magnum, Warrant, Zidua + a fungicide tank mix in 2014 showed no negative yield effects when tankmixed with Tilt/Bravo, Abound, Fontelis, Provost, Priaxor, Artisan, and Absolute. However, we are more likely to see peanut leaf burn with Dual Magnum.
Cobra Injury - Dr. Eric Prostko

Cobra Injury – Dr. Eric Prostko

At this point, Dr. Prostko says having 2,4-DB in with all of our 30-45 DAP POST treatments is a good idea. This is for improved control of pigweed, sicklepod, morningglory.

We also need to think about growth stage with some weed control decisions. Peanuts have good tolerance to Cobra when applied at the right time, for instance, but we need to avoid applications of Cobra after R5. Below is a chart of peanut growth stages.


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