El Nino – It should be raining next 2 weeks

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Here’s an El Nino update from UGA Ag Climatologist, Pam Knox. From this we may have some wet weather in the near future then the forecast for a dry mid summer, and rain this winter.

“In his briefing for the Appalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River stakeholder group today, Florida State Climatologist David Zierden noted that the eastern Pacific Ocean is nearly at the threshold for a strong El Nino now and should pass that threshold in the next month.  He presented some information about what to expect from a strong El Nino based on composites of weather information from the strongest El Nino events.  His summary slide is shown below.

Based on composites from the strongest El Nino years, May and June (top map) were expected to be wetter than normal in Texas and Oklahoma as well as the Southeast.  The composite-predicted rainfall has been very accurate for the southern Plains, although not…

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