Peanut Insecticide Burn


These peanuts are planted 33 days old and look good. We’re starting our fungicide programs and also thinking about applying landplaster. This field had 3 inches of rain last week, which nearly flooded it. Shortly after, this burn along the tips was showing up. It is burn from soil insecticide, Thimet put out at planting. Thimet moves systemically through the plant. UGA Extension Peanut Entomologist Dr. Mark Abney says Thimet has very little water solubility; therefore, with the high amount of rainfall all at once, the plant took in more insecticide. With this injury, we will see some yellowish burn on the outside of the leaves and spots will also be on the outside of the leaves. It’s usually on lower leaves. This burn isn’t bad and plants will grow out of it with no issues.

Peanuts-Thimet 012

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