Sorghum Weed Control


Here is some of our latest planted milo in the county that are approaching 5 leaves. I’m mostly seeing pigweeds come up now. With Concept treated seed, most growers applied either Dual or Warrant pre-emergence and come back with Atrazine post. I’ve been asked about post-emergent herbicide timing. UGA Extension Weed Scientist Dr. Eric Prostko says with sorghum, just check the leaves coming out of the ground. Once we have 3 leaves, it is safe to spray Atrazine as our post emergence. This can be done from 3 leaf until 12″ tall. If nutsedge is an issue, Basagran can also be sprayed between 1 and 5 leaves and tank mixed with Atrazine.

Sorghum-3-5Leaf (3)

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