Slime Mold


I’ve had two few calls today about a purple color, powdery substance showing up in circles in the yard.  Someone also brought in a few weeds with the same purple dots on the leaf. These recent rains have created the environment for slime molds to appear. It causes no problems other than being unsightly.

Slime molds belong to the Myxomycete fungi class that obtain their nutrients from dead, organic matter. They can also be seen in the flower beds and gardens where they may appear as the ‘blob’ or plasmodium. They don’t cause any direct injury to the plants, but can inhibit photosynthesis. Control does not require any chemicals. You can mow the lawn or wash off with a water hose to remove it. Here are some pictures of slime mold I have taken in centipedegrass. Here is a UGA publication on The Truth About Slime Molds, Spanish Moss, Lichens, and Mistletoe for more information.

SlimeMold-Centipede (3)


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