Pond Weeds – Soft Rush

I’ve been looking at quite a few ponds for weed issues the past few weeks. Algae is showing up as well as water lilies and alligator weed. For pond weed management, it is generally best to begin with a chemical approach followed by the stocking of grass carp. Once weed growth has covered more than 10% of a pond, weed control expenses may exceed the desire or ability to pay. If fish are present in the pond, treat no more than 1/3 of the weed infestation as oxygen depletion from dying weeds may kill fish.


Here is some soft rush (Juncus effuses) growing on the edges of a pond. Rushes are perennial plants that are easily confused with grasses and sedges. They can grow in shallow water or moist soils. Soft rush grows in dense clusters from rhizomes, up to 3 1/2 feet in height. This rush can be controlled with a chemical treatment, but UGA Extension Aquaculture Specialist Dr. Gary Burtle says soft rush is good for shoreline stability and wildlife, so it is not usually considered for treatment.

Soft Rush

Soft Rush – Flower

More about Soft Rush can be found on the Texas A & M Aquaplant Website – Soft Rush.


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