Rush In Centipede

Rush 008

Rush 004

Slender Rush

This is from a few weeks ago. Our turf and pastures are really starting to green up now. Here is a clumping, grass-like weed that sometimes pops up in our lawns this time of year. We looked at this on a sod farm south of Thomasville. It looks a lot like wild onion, but doesn’t smell at all like onion. The stems are round and hollow. It grows more in fields that are more wet. It turns out to be a rush. UGA Extension Weed Scientist Dr. Patrick McCullough believes it is slender rush (Juncus tenuis). It generally doesn’t cause any trouble, and it dies out in the summer. If it needs to be treated, Dr. McCullough says the mixture products which contain 2,4-D control rush species fairly well. This would be something like Trimec or Triplet. Cultural control is really our best method – mowing, or pulling it.

Below is a picture of the roots and seedhead. We were able to find a seedhead from a plant last season. The seedhead has separated flowers.

Rush Seedhead 007

Slender Rush Seedhead

Rush 006

Root system

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