Peanut Seed Size

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 Why does it matter what peanut seed size is?  Well, it matters to the shelling plant so they can set equipment and make plans. It matters to the candy makers.

It matters to farmers, now, as we plan on the amount of seed to plant. We know that we want 6 seed per foot of row so if we know our peanut variety then we can plan for the amount of seed that we’ll need at planting time. Here’s a good chart from the 2015 UGA Peanut Production Guide. Check with your seed provider for more details on seed size.

This chart is great because Scott Monfort, UGA Peanut Scientist, has included a column that gives us how many pounds we will need to plant per acre at each seed size. Chances are that our seed won’t be exactly that size but it should be close.

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