Wheat Coming Up – Growth Stage & Herbicide Applications

Wheat-Spike 001

Wheat-Seedling 006Wheat is now coming up and is in the seedling stage. The Feekes scale of growth stages is one of the most common scales. In the 1.0 seedling emergence stage, the number of leaves present on the first shoot can be designated with a decimal. So, this would be stage 1.1 – a shingle shoot with one unfolded leaf. The most significant factor in developing a good yield is stand establishment. This field was broadcasted at 120 lbs/seed acre. When broadcasting, UGA Extension Grain Agronomist Dr. Dewey Lee advisese that we aim for 40-45 seeds per square foot. Our overall gaol is 30-35 plants per square foot. Right now, wheat planted behind cotton and peanuts looks to have anywhere from 20 to 35 plants per square foot. Some plants are still coming up however.

Because of late planting date, we can go a little longer before we have to put out post-emergent herbicides. Generally, this is done around Christmas. Also, we will need to start scouting for aphids and Hessian flies in a couple more weeks. Harmony is safe on early growth stage, but we want tillers before using 2,4-D. Terrell County Ag Agent Nick McGhee posted good information on Making Wheat Herbicide Applications which includes Dr. Culpepper’s recomendaditon print out.

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