Cold And Dry

Most of us don’t know of temperatures this low before Thanksgiving. A lot of people are already covering citrus trees planted in their backyards. Satsuma’s are probably my favorite citrus and have the best cold tolerance – withstanding temperatures as low as 19 and 20 degrees. Citrons, lemons, and limes have the lowest tolerance and can be damaged in the upper 20s. Tangerines and mandarins can withstand the mid-20s.

Pecans 007We’ve also been wondering about crops still harvesting. Here is a picture of some Stuart pecans that are still in the tree. I was asked about some Sumners the other day which were still green and shucks not opening. UGA Pecan Specialist Dr. Lenny Wells says its a misconception that cold will keep shucks from opening. If the nut is mature, it will open and fall. If it’s not opening, it’s something else – maybe pollination issue.

Big Boss-Ryegrass010

A dry October has caused is hurting us trying to establish forage on dryland pasture. Here is some Big Boss Ryegrass that was drilled in the middle of October. This pasture received  its first rain last week since it’s been planted. The cold may have been a factor too since some tips have died back. Oats has the least cold tolerance of our cool season forages. Irrigated pastures for grazing are up and tillers developing with less stress for water.


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