When Do Peanuts Shut Down?

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Here is a picture of the buying point in Boston. Most peanuts in the county are harvested. Yields have been fairly well in many parts of the county considering the season. Much of the rain we had has come through Thomasville then on to Pavo. Dryland acres through this section have faired okay. There are some good grade reports so far, many in the upper 70s. Lower grades have been reported on fields where rain came after digging and couldn’t get dry.

Many fields in the northwest part of the county did not receive adequate rain or rain didn’t start until a month after planting. These fields need time, but we have to watch vine condition. Based on peanuts we’ve checked this week, we can see they are still moving, but at a slow rate we can see. This is due to night time temps being in the 50’s. When do they shut down completely? UGA Extension Agronomist Dr. Scott Monfort says it takes several days with nighttime temperatures in the 40’s before they shut down. Fortunately, we have only seen one to two days of this. As far as the risk of freezing and digging peanuts, Dr. Monfort says we typically need to be a couple of days ahead of a freeze or a frost with digging or leave them in the ground until frost happens to reduce the risk of frost damage. Frost damage is going to be greater risk the day peanuts are dug since kernel moisture content is high.



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