Peanut Harvest

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Like most others we are a little behind in peanut harvest due to early season rains and now current weather conditions.  Irrigated peanuts are okay and even some dryland fields are having good yield reports. The driest part of the county is the northwest corner where spider mites have also been an issue. There have been some issues with grade where peanuts had rain after being dug and having a hard time drying back out. Here is a good post by Seminole Agent Rome Ethredge on Lifting, Reshaking, Fluffing.

We’re still checking peanut maturity for some fields. Last week, many samples checked did not progress as much from the week before. Where there is soil moisture, peanut maturity sampled this week will have time to move especially with temperatures increasing this week. We need to also pay close attention to vine strength for peanuts remaining in the ground.

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