Defoliation Considerations

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We were able to look into some defoliation Friday. Varieties play more of a role with PGR management whereas environmental conditions play more of a role with defoliation. With the standard 3-way approach (Ethephon, thidiazuron, and tribufos), we do not want to cut our rates is with thidiazuron since regrowth potential is high during this time. There has also been reports of leaves sticking after spray. This is making us drop our desiccant rates in hot temperatures. Not only can too much of an increase in of any product cause leaves to stick, crop oil in the mix can play a roll also. Many are using lower as desiccant rates with hot temperatures. We are in an 8 – 12 oz/acre range of  Folex at this time.

Weed Control

Another issue we we’re discussing is weeds. Some growers are still fighting some grass. In this case, it is okay to add a quart of RoundUp. If there is morningglory, we can at an ounce of Aim or 0.5 – 2 oz of ET. If we decide to add a herbicide UGA Extension Cotton Agronomist Dr. Guy Collins advises we follow by cutting back our desiccant rate. (If using 10z of Folex, cut back to 8oz, for instance.)

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