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Bipolaris Leaf Spot

We were looking at a pasture in Boston last week that was needing to be cut. It turned out it was just really dry in some spots and needing some rain. This pasture is predominately Bahiagrass but also plenty of bermudagrass. Both grass species were showing decline symptoms resulting from drought. On the bermudagrass I could see some leaf spots. The leaf spots on Bermuda are caused by either rust or Helminthosporium fungus. Here is what UGA Extension Pathologist Dr. Alfredo Martinez has to say:

Leaf spot caused by Bipolaris is observed on the leaves of this grass. It is a common disease this time of the year. Low potassium and high nitrogen are usually the culprit in addition to other stresses. Dry soils and wet foliage by dew can be problematic.

Information on leaf spot diagnosis and control is located at Leafspot Diagnosis and Management in Bermudagrass Forages.

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