Late Season Peanut Weeds

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Some hemp sesbania, sicklepod and pigweed escapes are some weeds we are seeing in peanuts now. Questions coming in about tank mixing with fungicides and non-selective applications. Below is information from UGA Extension Weed Scientist Dr. Eric Prostko:

  1. Can I tank-mix Mn fertilizers with herbicides and/or fungicides? Recent research from NC State University indicated that manganese did not affect the efficacy of Select, Poast, Cadre, Pursuit, 2,4-DB, Abound, Bravo, Headline, or Folicur.  Common ragweed control with Cobra was reduced 6% by dry Mn sulfate but not liquid Mn.   (Peanut Science 2012 39:1-8)
  2. What weeds can be controlled using non-selective applicators (NSA) such as the Weed-Wiper or ropewick? UGA has data to suggest that Palmer amaranth, Florida beggarweed, and sicklepod can be controlled late-season with NSA using a 50% solution of paraquat.  Refer to page 452 of the 2014 UGA Pest Control Handbook for additional information. Remember that the only benefits of this type of application would be improved harvest-efficiency and fungicide spray deposition.  It is way too late to recover any competition related yield losses.
  3. Is there anything that can be done to help control Benghal dayflower/tropical spiderwort at this time of the year (i.e. 100+ day old peanuts)? No. Revenge sprays are not practical. Dayflower/spiderwort plants at this time of the year are too big to control with herbicides.  Additionally, late-season applications of herbicides such as Strongarm could have a significant impact on 2015 crop rotations.  Although Aim can be used as an harvest-aid, previous research has shown that single applications to 8-10″ tall spiderwort plants provided < 45% control.

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