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There have been reports of bolls opening on dryland cotton in the county. I found some first position bolls opening in the middle of the county this morning. This is DP 1050 at around 8th week of bloom. Our crop is pretty much set at this point. We haven’t had enough rain to get anything else going. In the field, stink bug counts were lower last week and well under threshold. It’s getting tough to find a smaller, soft bolls to check.

Questions about when to stop scouting are coming up now. UGA Extension Enotmologist Dr. Phillip Roberts says what is most important to understand is the principle behind the thresholds. The reason our stink bug thresholds say 30% at 7th week of bloom and after is because there are fewer small bolls at this growth stage. Another thing to keep in mind is that it takes 3 weeks for bolls to fully develop. A boll less than 25 days old can incur economic damage. Therefore, if we are scouting fields and find it very difficiult to locate small, easy to crack bolls AND we have very low stink bug numbers, then we can start to call it quits. Keep in mind that a stink bug can damage any size boll, they just prefer smaller bolls as indicated on the threshold card below:



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