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Cotton 013

The day before yesterday, we got some rain throughout the county. In Thomasville and the east side of the county, we had just over an inch. The very middle of the county recorded about half an inch. This will certainly help us, but cotton is still dry. Many leaves are wilting and some squares and marble size bolls already bloomed are also dropping. The picture above is from the northwest part of the county were squares and small bolls were shed. The picture below is a small boll that was Cotton Bolls 030shed. Squares shed pre-bloom are the result of insect damage primarily. Squares shed post-bloom and small bolls is result of stress or drought. During these times bolls up to 10 days old and squares can be shed. This can also force us into premature cut-out, which is what we are seeing now – lots of white blooms at the top of the plant and larger squares in the terminal. To rebound, it would need to stay wet for a long time.

Cotton-Target SpotWith more PGRs going out earlier this season and now less rain, many fields are waist to shoulder high. If we can get the plant at least waist high, this is tall enough to support a good boll load. Many of the shortest fields we’re seeing are at least this tall.

Most stink bug counts were down this week. Beneficials are active also. We saw many minute pirate bugs in blooms feeding on thrips. We are seeing target spot in most fields where canopy is covering the ground and cotton is more rank. The lesions are sporadic and not at treatable levels, though many growers have put on preventative sprays.

Finally, we are starting to see adult whiteflies. They are not yet a treatable levels, but we need to monitor closely.


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