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Cotton is mostly looking good this week across the county. We are still having lots of pigweed pulling going on. Here is a field that is six weeks of bloom and is being sprayed for stink bugs. Stinkbug populations have increased overall this week. In this field was 23%. Most fields are atleast 3rd week of bloom. For weeks 3 through 6, our threshold is between 10% – 15%. Then 20% at week 6 and 30% + there after.

Cotton BollsCotton is also putting on a heavy boll load. We have slowed down on plant growth regulators partly because boll load increase, heat and less rain. We are starting to need some rain again in our fields. If plants begin to wilt from drought stress, we do not need to apply PGRs during that time. For irrigated fields, we are also at a critical water time. Below is a section on irrigation from UGA Cotton Agronomist Dr. Guy Collins from the 2014 UGA Cotton Production Handbook:

Bloom water Schedule 812014 25116 PM (2)




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