Leaf Spots In Cotton

Ashcochtya Blight 006(Since this post was written, Target Spot has been confirmed.) We’ve been seeing some spots on lower cotton leaves that resemble target spot. The spots I am seeing are very sporadic. A few times I have seen spots on only one lower leaf. Many growers have sprayed fungicides early bloom to protect from target spot already. The spots we are seeing right now appear to be Ascochyta (wet weather) blight. Ascochyta blight was seen also last year with abundant rainfall. UGA Extension Pathologist Dr. Bob Kemerait says this about Ashchochyta blight:

“It is a disease of sporadic importance in GA, especially during periods of cool weather with abundant rainfall early in the season. Hence, young plants are most often affected. The spots in the field can be tentatively diagnosed by presence of tan lesions bordered by a dark ring; embedded in the lesion are dark fungal structures that appear like pepper grains (below). Though use of fungicides for effective management has been reported, such is generally considered unnecessary in GA. This disease tends to become of little significance as conditions become drier.”



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