Peanut Water Requirements

Peanuts-Rain 002

The high amount of rainfall during our peanut planting window caused growers not to get their peanuts planted until mid-to-late May. We now face a higher water use period falling in time with less rain period. We have be getting scattered showers in the afternoons, but not enough to provide the water we need. To make sure the crop has enough water UGA Extension Scientist, Dr. Gary Hawkins, has the chart below representing water use throughout the growing season.  This indicates what peanuts need at different maturities and can also be used as a guide to how much water is needed.

We need to also be aware that soil type has an impact on the amount of water available to the crop.  For sandy soils, a high intensity rain will likely infiltrate and may provide needed water, however, in heavier soil, the same intensity rainfall will potentially have high losses due to runoff because it will not be able to absorb the water as well as the sandy soil. On the other hand the heavier soils have a higher water holding capacity and will retain moisture for longer than sandy soils.


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