Sweet Corn Production Workshop

Mr. Calvin Perry at Stripling Irrigation Research Park in Camilla is holding a Sweet Corn Production Workshop  on Tuesday, July 22.

Here’s the tentative schedule for the Workshop:

9am – Welcome (Calvin Perry)

9:10am – Fertility and Varieties (Dr. Tim Coolong)

9:30am – Insect Management (Dr. Stormy Sparks)

9:50am – Weed Management (Andy Shirley)

10:10am – Weather Station Network (Dr. Ian Flitcroft)

10:30am – Break

10:45am – Irrigation Management including Drip (Dr. Gary Hawkins)

11:05am – Previous Irrigation Management Projects, Soil Moisture Sensors (Rad Yager)

11:25am – Precision Ag, Soil Mapping, Etc. (Dr. Wes Porter)

11:45am – Food Safety, Sanitation Management (Dr. Bill Hurst)

12:05pm – Lunch

**For lunch arrangements, we will need to get a head count by Thursday, July 17. Please RSVP by that date.

Note – we are in the process of requesting CCA ceu credits.

If you have any questions, contact SIRP at:

Phone 229-522-3623

Email: perrycd@uga.edu

Web: www.striplingpark.org

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