Scouting For Tarnished Plant Bugs

Tarnished plant bugs are not a consistent pest in Georgia as they are in the Mid South. However, we will sometimes spray for them. Here are some fields where sprays have been done for plant bugs. We still want to do retention counts and check for damage. Cotton scout, Andrew Taylor has come across some retention counts below 80% and was showing me evidence of plant bugs. Here is Andrew checking squares while scouting.

BobbyTaylor-PlantBugDamage 003

The general treatment threshold for plant bugs is 80%. According to UGA Extension Entomologist, Dr. Phillip Roberts, we want our retention count to remain about 80% BobbyTaylor-PlantBugDamage 014through 1st week of bloom. When checking squares, check at least the top three squares. You will notice a normal abscission proccess taking place on squares that were hit. They will turn yellow, then black (right), and then abort.  It is good to still check all squares on some plants to note any major changes.

Below is some information on plant bugs and thresholds from Dr. Roberts:


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