Early POST 1 Applications And Thrips

Cotton 004

Cotton is up and some pushing four and five leaves. We are still evaluating stands seeing thrips on seedling cotton. Some plants are growing rapidly which is helping. We are also getting ready close to putting out our POST 1 herbicide applications. Generally, that application and a thrips spray will not coincide, except in the case of the need for an early POST 1 application. The field below has a huge spot of spiderwort, in which early POST 1 is needed. The same field has damage from thrips.

UGA Extension Entomologist, Dr. Phillip Roberts, says of all options orthene has the least likely burn with our POST 1 application. However, the best option is to completely separate thrips spray and POST 1 application. Thrips spray mixed with POST 1 application will result in burn.

Cotton-Drop2 (2)

This is the second season in a row where thrips movement has been delayed. Dr. Roberts says this is because of our cool, wet springs which delay thrips reproduction. We also see this when alternate plant hosts are late to dry down.

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