Cotton Replant Decisions

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We looked at a few fields yesterday that may need to be replanted and we still have some time. Seed was planted two weeks ago from today and had a very skippy stand. First, we tried to determine what caused the problem and  we looked at seed. There was not a problem with germination, but with emergence. Seed was planted a little deep and maybe impacted by rains and seedlings didn’t make it out of the soil. They also had to break up the crust a few times and likely some dirt further buried seedlings.

CottonReplant 002The first thing we thought about was planting date. If the field was planted just a few days back, we would give it some time. The second thing is check how many three foot skips we have (also counting 6, 9, etc foot skips). If 50% of the field has 3 foot skips, we want to replant. This determination at best is subjective, but walk as much of the field as possible checking many rows.

Sometimes, it maybe beneficial to replant spots. Since maturity in any field can be as much as two week difference, this could be okay. In the case yesterday, we’ll replant the whole field.

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