Soybean Planting Dates

It seems like everyone is scrambling to get caught up since rain has let off. Timing on cotton and peanut planting is not far off, but it could push back planting of other crops and force us to prioritize. I was asked about soybeans and effects of late planting. In this situation, we may need to prioritize. They were going to plant a maturity group 5, 6 and 7. These two slides from UGA Extension Soybean Agronomist, Dr. Jared Whitaker, show the effect of planting date on soybean yield:

The first slide shows overall yield affected by planting date.  Bottom line is that the later you plant the lower the yield potential.


The second slide shows data demonstrating the effect maturity group has on planting date.  Bottom line here is that the earlier maturing varieties lose yield potential much faster as planting date gets later compared to later maturing varieties.


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