Corn Issues Continue

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Corn is still looking rough in some fields. Michael Murray and I looked at some corn end of last week that was showing nutrient deficiencies. Corn appeared to have signs of nitrogen, sulfur, magnesium and potash deficiency, but tissue analysis show they were sufficient. Another thought was since Counter was used at planting, could it cause problems. You can have issues there if ALS herbicide were used along with Counter, but in this case, ALS were not used.

So far, a nematode analysis has been taken, and we cannot rule this out since reports of stubby root nematode have been common this season. The N:S ratio was 32:1 which should be less that 16:1. In either case, additional S is needed.  Mg and K should be checked again in two weeks to be sure that the plants are continuing to take up enough. Some 28-0-0-5 would help to get back some N and S.

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