Spring Transition With Overseeded Grasses

Bermudagrass 001

Alan Poppell has done a good job managing this patch of bermudagrass as a field goal kicking practice field on a plantation. Generally, thin-blade grasses work better with overseeding than centipede or St. Augustine grass. But with another cool spring, cool season grasses like this
perennial ryegrass has been slow to die back.

Bermuda 005UGA Extension Turf Weed Scientist, Dr. Patrick McCullough, sometimes suggests herbicides to be used to aid in transition from cool season to warm season.

With temperatures steadily increasing this week, the ryegrass will start to dieback. With cool temperatures slowing transition, using a herbicide such as Katana or metsulfuron to knock back perennial rye would help. Here is a link to the turfgrass section of the Georgia Pest Control Handbook.

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