Nutsedge At Transplanting

BellPepper-Transplanted 002

Folks were able to get some things done last week before rain Friday. Here are some bell peppers transplanted into plastic with drip irrigation. We’ve already had some nutsedge come up through the plastic. One way to distinguish yellow and purple nutsedge is by the tip of the leaf blade. Yellow nutsedge will taper off at the tip where purple will be more rounded. Also, the yellow nutsedge tubers are more sweet to the taste compared to purple (not that I eat them regularly, but that taste is still in my mouth after Seminole Agent, Rome Ethredge made me eat some one day while he was teaching me the difference). In the situation here, a good control option would be a directed spray application of Sandea (halosulfuron). Check the Sandea label for specific instructions about timing and rate.

Yellow Nutsedge

Yellow Nutsedge

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