Pecan Insect Borers

PecanBeetles 010Pecans in the county are being fertilized now, and many trees are at buds break. These are some 3 year old Sumners and Elliots in an orchard that were hit with Asian ambrosia beetles. They are not the most common insect pest, but they can cause problems. The beetles excavate galleries into the tree pushing out strings of boring dust (below). UGA Extension Entomologist, Dr. Will Hudson, said you will see holes that resemble bird shot and sometimes see sap that may crust over.

PecanBeetles 004

The ambrosia beetles are also pests on ornamental trees. Dr. Hudson says this beetle and the black twig borer are in the same genus and many times found on trees near wooded or natural areas. It is hard to predict what trees will be hit because these beetles attack many trees from different families and are around all the time.

There is not much hope for control concerning the trees that are hit, but if some are less heavily infested, then treatment may work. If the trees fail to leaf out, then cut and destroy them.

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