Watch Out For Stinging Nettle


If you have ever touched a stinging nettle, you would know it. One got me for the first time last year. I was looking for a wasp after I was stung it hurt so bad. I’ve been getting reports of some stinging weeds in pastures this past week. We looked at a pasture last week where this weed (above) was in pastures and horses got into it. Not all plants of this species sting, but in this picture you can almost see some of the stinging hairs called trichomes. This nettle was growing close to the ground. They are commonly seen along fence rows growing taller. UGA Extension Forage Weed Scientist, Dr. Patrick McCullough, said this photo this is a young stinging nettle plant or closely related species. Weed control options include anything with picloram (Grazon P + D) or aminopyralid (Milestone, Surmount).

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